Veni vidi vici nfti

Words to learn my in this ultra-fast moving world, Veni vidi vici nfti, or I came; I saw; I conquered; I minted. Say what? I minted is the golden term for digitizing graphics, video, and audio and staking ownership on a blockchain. It has been a snowy winter here at our world deadquarters and with nothing going on we upped our exploration into technology notch or two. Maybe I should say notched up a “0” or “1” as we live in a binary world.

Newbies’ Video Extravaganza on how we arrived at Veni vidi vici nfti

Youtube can be a great tool to learn if avoid the urge to binge. So we have selected to share our favorite and easy to understand video which encompasses all the mumbo jumbo of the super-hyped WEB3 technologies into one easy to follow instructional course.

It is a tad long but if you watched a 15 minutes a day, any confusion and/or fears you have will vanish. IF you don’t like how big corporations are using your data to subvert and try to control your every move, this is a good starting point.

Are We Bored Yet? Ape versus Chameleon

OK, time to get this blog post jumping. We may not have the most outstanding graphic designers in the solar system but we sure have fun with crazy concepts. If we look at the cash rolling in from the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs, we often shake our heads and wonder what the buzz is all about. Yep, they sell on average for hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Hence our attempt to conquer with our own collection of NFTs at superbly affordable prices and no minting fees. We carefully placed our super secret thinking caps on and consumed a few cups of Cuban espresso and alas the grand idea of a collection combining three completely unrelated topics: 1) Reptilian aliens living among us (courtesy of Alex Jones and Infowars), 2) A Roman legion of 100 Leginaries (in fact a legion was closer to 80 on average), 3) Chameleons for the collection as they change colors like our collection of IOTA NFTs.

Hold The Bus! What the heck is IOTA?

Bitcoin, though revolutionary, is slow and expensive. I quick watch of this video will show you how IOTA’s tangle works, yes I said tangle, and is feeless at the same time. Keep holdin’ that bus… yes, I was giving these coins away a few blog posts ago. OK, let’s roll on…

(Trumpet Intro) Friends and Countrymen We Present Our Lizard Legion
Lizard Legion Chameleon Legionaries NFT collection by Mrugacz.

Oh so cute (and affordable)! Why spend a quarter million dollars on something popular when you can own an undiscovered gem of a NFT for a buck and half? Ah heck, just take a look at the Lizard Legion 100 Chameleon Legionaries collection for fun (and free to look). There are 99 Chameleon Legionaries armed with sword, mace, or trident led by 1 Centurion with two swords. They go on sale May 1st, 2022. I wear a size 42 straight jacket by the way…

Veni; vidi; vici; NFTi

Hopefully the snow will melt and we can all go for hikes and bike rides wearing all the groovy designs from our e-commerce store. Be safe and keep learning! Take care.