Viva Small Business Saturday- Savings for You Today!

Death to Black Friday Deals and Corporate Greed – Shop the Little Guy this Christmas.

It’s here, the closing weeks of 2020 and we can all agree it has been a slaugherthouse for the world and truth. But as we turn the corner, the underdog not the elephant in the room, is reminding you to support that small friendly business you know and love. Corporations don’t have to thank you because its printed on the receipt. Speaking for the little guy I am more excited about having people enjoy my creations than racking in massive profits.

Many unique  art design t-shirts on 3 dozen humans.

Don’t forget winter is roaring in and to fight back we are offering a $5.00 discount on each our new line of sweatshirts. That’s right, if you buy one or one hundred- a $5.00 discount on each sweatshirt at checkout. Use code- 9983BVH3.

Doesn’t somebody you love deserve a warm and cuddly sweatshirt?

My oh my I am feeling the Christmas spirit so I am offering another great savings unadvertised special via this blog post. Why not offer great savings on our t-shirts, long-sleeve, and two sided shirts? Use this code- 4QCYEYSM -to receive $2.00 discount on each product I just mentioned with your favorite design by Anthony Mrugacz! This super secret discount is good until the end of November 2020. Happy Holidays Y’all!

44 different t-shirt designs on a multitude of people.