We Have a Winner

We have to make a choice on which is the winner this blog post from five competitive contenders:

1) Our new line of sweatshirts and hoodies.

2) Re-issue of Khmenglish in an American-English only version.

3) The 700,000 plus cryptocoins one can earn completely tax free.

5) Our sensational new page featuring my 1985 BMW K100RS motorcycle with tips and tricks for motosport adventurers.

Yes, it’s all in this issue of yet another blogpost from Anthony. So let’s see which items are the potential winners in this post.

Yes, of course we have an audio version of this blog post.

We Have a Winner Warmer Clothing

Our US Amazon store will be stocking plenty of our designs on new products- sweatshirts and hoodies. Santa’s sled will be full of joy this holiday season. Here are a few examples.

Check out all our product lines on our overseas Amazon Stores:

Deutschland | EspaΓ±a | France | Italia | Japan ζ—₯本 | United Kingdom

Still Sarcastic and Fun as Ever but with a Tri-Lingual Twist

You may have seen or heard that we went back to ourKhmenglish Language Guide” to re-edit the the English text to update and correct a few words for clarity. While we were at it and under the influence of Cuban Espresso, we translated the eBook and paperback into the Spanish and French languages. But alas the size of it was just a bit to big to slide into a pocket and there may be some folks who desire just an English only version. The result is the 5 inch by 8inch “City of Ghosts Glossary“. All the same great definitions and explanations of Khmer English grammar and off the wall wacky spellings but in addition this version goes back to the original title we were going to use many years ago. So take you pick: Tri-lingual or English only , eBook or paperback , 6″x9″ or 5″x8”. Oh so many choices this holiday season. Here’s a side by side comparison of out updated covers.

Grab a copy today and learn all about the ins and outs a tourist needs to know when visiting Cambodia, the Kindom of Wonder and Land of Smiles. It’s the best WTF Tourist Guide you’ll ever read. Avaialable on all Amazon outlets worldwide. Now that’s been over promoted let’s move on…

The Free Crypto Coins are All Gone

Assembly and Shimmer token logos on Mrugacz website.

Last blog post we offered IOTA coins to any blog post reader and alas many made the choice on this risk free investment. Anyone who accepted the offer should update there IOTA Firefly wallet now and stake the coin to earn Shimmer (SMR) tokens and Assembly (ASMB) tokens. The tokens are tax free as off distribution they have no value. They are designed for the Web 3.0 and the Internet of Things (IOT) and may pay off well in the distant future.

We Have a Winner- the venerable 1985 BMW K100RS owned by Anthony Mrugacz.

It’s New and Old at Once

Keeping an old motorcycle in tip top shape on a budget can be a challenge. Get some insight on products and maintenance from my years of experience (and mishaps) from our new and constantly updated BMW K100RS motorcycle page. So if your an adventurer like me, check it out.

That’s it for this shout out to all of you. As you know we just love giving perks to out blog readers so do yourself a favor and check our website on Christmas Day for something extra special from us to you.

Thanks for visiting with us, until next time.


PS. The podcast version of this “We Have a Winner” post contains a bonus audio track fro the Equinox Live Music Concert Archives. This song recorded in Phnom Penh, Cambodia on February 26th, 2015 features Filipine artists – Keren Keziah on guitar and vocals with Jed on cajon. It is one of my top ten tracks from 5 years of concert archive recording available on our website. Enjoy.

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