We were living in Cincinnati…

and dancing, and drinking, AND HAPPY!

Here ye! here ye! Gone is the day of the paper flyer promoting band gigs. With great joy and surprise that it somehow worked, the remastering of the bootleg Erector Set video tape has all 12 songs extracted, or should I say locked and loaded. Sadly, the mp3s weren’t finished in time to make the January 20th, 2021 Inaugural Playlist for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris but it was completed. Seize the day not the Whitehouse folks. Political joke soap box muted. Whoops, there are 3 songs that need titles – I get buy with a little text from my friends.

Here is the link to remastered Erector Set live at JBs at Kent State. Enjoy fans and soon to be fans,

And for those who haven’t seen this video- yes, the late 70’s / early 80’s in Cincinnati, Ohio was a rockin’, creative, and amazing time to be part of the American Music scene. Sure we had rivalries but when we did the Bugaloo it was a dance not a low IQ brain washed political movement.

Be safe and save your change for 25 cent beer night and live bands!

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