When to plant your seeds…

read the back of the package so I am told.

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Yes, it is that yearning for springtime sweeping our world headquarters here in Cleveland, Ohio and the same old collection of designs still grace the webpages of anthonymrugacz.com. But if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it. However, why not get a great discount on something new and fabulous to wear when the weather breaks? So from now until the Ides of March 2021 (yes, I played Brutus in the elementary school play) use coupon code XRJY6K74 for a five dollar (US$5.00) off any clothing item until March 15th. So now there’s a real reason to beware this day as it is a deadline for this super offer. Products stocked in USA, Mexico, Europe, Australia, and Japan – we ship worldwide. Get happy, get shoppin’! Order 2 items- get US$10 off, order 3x – get $15 discount, and on and on and on…

SCAN. PAY. GO. Now it’s easier than ever to snag one of our colored pencil drawings using a PayPal QR Code! Of course you now how easy it is to purchase these, better yet pay what you like AND shipping is included to any planet earth postal address. Don’t forget to tell us the information on where to send it.Be it 10 dollars or 100,000 yen- all offers accepted. These colorful caffeine inspired pieces will brighten your kitchen like a triple shot of Cuban espresso- don’t I know!

Who doesn’t love taking photographs. But as a source of income its a tough road to follow, so I prefer to post my pics on Google maps. And golly ghee willickers I just past a milestone, or shall we say 4 million milestone. So if I get 1 mile from SpaceX for every view, I am 10% of the way for my trip to Mars. FYI- I did fill out an application with NASA as an astronaut candidate and Russian was a requirement- Давай посмотрим что происходит.


Blah, blah, blah- so what am I going on about concerning Google Map views. Well, the Alphabet beast conglomerate allows a portion of the photograph uploaded to have text. As seen on the pic on your left, we have watermarked our website url at the top. That’s a freebie tip folks on getting worldwide exposure for your side hustle. First person to email me and tell me where this picture was taken wins a free shirt from our current catalog of products. Long or short sleeve – up to you. HINT: The year is 1998 and that’s my motorcycle but not my Soviet tank. 😉

Fat Tony’s Favorite Original Recipes is at it again! The wackiest kitchen cookings tips with recipes my mother shakes her head at- ah ha ha! This week’s cuisne massacre – coconut milk and plum butter.

Everyone’s had a bit of left over coconut milk when cooking their favorite Jamaican or Southeast Asian recipe. So what do to with this creamy goodness from the tropics? Whip it into some eggs and make french toast! Add some vanilla extract and top with your favorite Eastern European Jam.

Speaking of Slavic preserves, my favorite is plum butter with almonds. There was a tad bit that escaped my spoon on the inside of the jar and a novel idea came to my mind. I added a little red wine, salt, Cambodian black pepper, a splash of apple cider vineger, and a few drops of worcestshire sauce , gave it a quick shake then dropped in a pork chop to marinate. OMG your saying about now. After a few hours in this I will later cook the marinade down with water, apples, and onions and smother the prok chop with the reduction. I have done it once before and my dear mom loved it. Check out more whacky quacky concoctions on my cookin’ page.

Now’s the time that we are in the home stretch pof this CoVID-19 pandemic to check out my 100+ unique designs gracing the covers of my notebook collection on Amazon. These blank 120 page lined journals are ready for your dear diary inputs of life post-pandemic. Collect the whole series and help me save some money for a 2021 vacation to Phnom Penh.

THE BIRTH OF MODERN OPERATIONAL WARFARE THEORY: A short analysis of the writings of Alexander Andreyevich Svechin

WHAT THE FUNK? Yeppur, I have another eBook on Amazon. It;s already popped its cherry and sold the first copy. So where to I come up with this stuff- well just take papers written getting a Master’s Degree in International Studies and format them to ePUB file format, slap together a groovy eye catching graphic and wham bam your an author man! Here’s the intro:

The end of the Victorian Age introduced a modernization in the technologies used in tactical warfare. However, strategy lagged behind in 19th Century mentality amongst military and political elites. The study of battle focused on the use of a decisive campaign to destroy the enemy often tainted with the competitive egotism of the military commanders. The changing social, political, and economic environments were left unaccounted for in strategic planning for future wars.

To read more will cost only $0.99 – eBooks you can enjoy and afford!

Top of Pops is back this weekend! Sure the Bay City Rollers sang about the joys of Saturday Night. But to really start your weekend in lockdown off in a style with some fun entertaiment, get your bottle of wine ready for Ricky Nye’s Facebook Live Stream every week at 7:00PM Eastern Standard Time (EST) in the good ole US of A. I tuned in for a few minutes last Friday and stayed to the end. get on those new wireless headphones or plug your streaming device into a Hi-Fi system and E-N-J-O-Y. See you there! P.S. Yes you can send in request.

Rumor has it a few of my shirts are roaming the streets of Chicago and soon will be strolling the streets in Portugal. Just reminder our shirts are printed on demand in the USA, Japan, Mexico, and two locations in Europe, so shipping rates are very affordable. Don’t forget to use that coupon code XRJY6K74 for a five dollar (US$5.00) off any clothing item until March 15th. FUN FACT: If you but seven (7) shirst you’ll have a clean one for each day of the week and save 35 bucks. Awesome possum!

Be safe and who loves ya babe!


Products stocked in USA, Mexico, Europe, Australia, and Japan – we ship worldwide. Check rates.