Yes, we are up all night! –
Winning Abgkor beer can label with a 3 leaf clover background.

The odds, well, one could calculate but why bother- it is only Angkor beer.

This really happened…

Graphic of Angkor beer winning pull tab logo,Friends and I usually meet at the Salon Pub at Street 5 & 130 before we carouse out into the Phnom Penh nightlife scene. A few nights ago conversations started rolling in three language so I stuck around longer than usual. If used responsibly, beer makes a great conversation enhancer. The Salon Pub only has three types of beer in cans in there fridge- Anchor, Angkor, and Cambodia. Selecting the the least watery beer, Angkor, I pulled the tab on the first can…

four-winning beer-tabs-Angkor

BINGO! Folks we have a winner, give that man a free beer. In subsequent two cans- WHAM BAM- two more winners. Three in a row probably a first in Cambodia.

Now the real lucky part. The next day I stopped by on my way home. Ding-a-ling! I pulled the tab and a fourth winner. One can conclude that the Salon Pub is a lucky lucky lucky lucky place. It may be Ladies Night at Pontoon but I will stay off the dance floor tonight, sit under the LED streetlights, and sip a few cold beers.

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