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Eight countries around the globe carry our merchandise for fast, safe, and secure ordering of products. Our inventory reach is ever expanding to cover the demand for Tshirts designed by independent artists and not ones chosen by corporate designs teams.

Worldwide distribution of Original Design Tshirts by Anthony Mrugacz.

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This ecommerce website sells Tshirts and Long Sleeve Shirts to United States and Canada. If you are outside of this websites service shipping area; one may find our products, get easy ordering, and faster shipping by choosing your country of residence.

Our Shop Offers Tshirts and Long Sleeve Shirts which are size inclusive.

Shop Original Design Tshirts at worn out is your old casual comfort clothing? Upgrade today! Free shipping to the USA & Canada – Today is a great day to shop for Original Design Tshirts! Tshirts are currently sized SMALL to 3X and longsleeve shirts SMALL to 5X. We are always respond as quickly as possible if you need something so don’t hesitate to contact us. Need a design as a one off gift? We can assist in designing and producing a product for you also.

Explore our website as I have the planet...

but from the safety of the Internet. Most of our travels were on motorcycle and bicycle with a digital camera around my neck. Do you love to travel and keep a journal? I know I do and have created great notebooks designed for any taste and style of adventurer. One can veiew the notebook selection on my Author’s Page.

The About section reveals a plethora of interesting experiences I would like to share with you. Be it live music, history, learning new langages, art, political science, and travel adventures – there’s much to discover at We are glad you asked! Yes, we have an Amazon Brand Store in the USA which carries some our Tshirts and Longsleeve Shirts if you prefer. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Direct-to-garment (DTG) is our method of printing

Production method sprays the ink onto the garment. Water-based vegan ink soaks into the fibers same as printing on paper, but on clothing. Additionally, the inks in our shirts are non-hazardous, toxin-free, biodegradable, and contain absolutely no animal by-products. If all this sounds great to you then grab a shirt using the add to cart button. If you are fascinated by the chance to start your own merchandise e-commerce business learn more.

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